When was Trudeau briefed on MP’s secret meetup with Beijing envoy? Conservatives ask 25 times.


In Ottawa this week, another blockbuster report from Global News. Unnamed Canadian intelligence officials said a Liberal Member of Parliament met in Toronto with diplomats from the Communist regime in Beijing and he encouraged them to keep two innocent Canadians locked up in solitary confinement to help Justin Trudeau win the 2021 election.

After the report on Global National news, Liberal MP Han Dong resigned from the Liberal caucus. He vowed to clear his name and defend his honour.

In recent weeks, Canadian intelligence officers have been leaking information to reporters Robert Fife and Steven Chase of the Globe and Mail, and Sam Cooper of Global News.

The question is: why would Canadian intelligence officers betray their oath of secrecy and risk going to jail, to leak information about the Communist regime in Beijing supporting Justin Trudeau’s Liberals?

In Parliament, Conservative MPs asked the same question 25 times: when was Justin Trudeau briefed about his Liberal Member of Parliament meeting secretly with the diplomat from Beijing’s Communist regime?

Liberal Ministers refused 25 times to answer this very simple question.