Friday, June 14, 2024
Leadership race will only weaken NDP's standing in the race to build party war chest
If a provincial election were held today, 55% of committed Alberta adults would vote UCP while 40% would vote Alberta NDP.
Premier Danielle Smith says the consumer carbon tax and emissions cap are ripe for challenging
Smith says she'll look to 'get some input' from Calgary recall petitioner after April 4 deadline
Pierre Poilievre was in Edmonton Wednesday night to criticize the carbon tax.
Danielle Smith also wants to open province's doors to 10,000 more Ukraine evacuees
Ballot support for the UCP sits at 49 percent, while the NDP hs 41 percent.
Nenshi's profile is 'formidable' and it overshadows the other candidates for NDP leader — but he has baggage
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is calling for an emergency meeting with officials in BC after a massive drug seizure by RCMP reportedly contained some prescription opioids from “safe supply” programs.
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is remembering former prime minister Brian Mulroney as a politician who understood her province’s interests.


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