Saturday, June 22, 2024
'Trudeau is hiking taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage. He is raising taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage'
Premier testified at House of Commons hearing
The Conservative chair of a House of Commons committee has invited Canada's premiers to come testify about their carbon tax concerns.
Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre made the comments during an unrelated press conference in Kitchener, Ontario on February 21.
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Canada has become “weak, poor and defenceless” under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and promised to “bring home control” of the country’s defence capabilities
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is pledging that a future government would cut what he calls "wasteful foreign aid" and would not allow funding to go to "dictators, terrorists and multinational bureaucracies."
Infrastructure funding must be tied to homebuilding
Poilievre accuses Trudeau of sending money to 'foreign terrorists and dictators, calling it aid'
Joly standing by previous statement that neither rejects nor supports South Africa's allegations
New Democrats vote with Conservatives to support motion


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