Saturday, June 22, 2024
'Trudeau is hiking taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage. He is raising taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage'
Premier testified at House of Commons hearing
The Conservative chair of a House of Commons committee has invited Canada's premiers to come testify about their carbon tax concerns.
New Democrats vote with Conservatives to support motion
'Are we not Canadians too?' Danielle Smith asks
It 'is a scam designed to trick oil-heated households into voting for him one more time before he can hit them with his big tax hike,' Poilievre said in St. John’s
Conservative Party Leader says rejection necessary to protect competition in mortgage lending
Two-thirds of Canadians say it is a poor time to increase the carbon tax, with a majority saying they believe the tax on gas is ineffective at tackling climate change.
But that PBO forecast is based on strong economic growth and no new spending, says the Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Polling shows Canadians don't believe Liberals can fix economy, housing or cost of living


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