Saturday, June 22, 2024
Conservative leader focused on April 1 carbon tax hike
Halifax Atlantic MLA Brendan Maguire is joining Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative government after more than 10 years with the Liberals.
The Progressive Conservative government, led by Premier Tim Houston, has maintained it's support among Nova Scotia voters.
PCs take riding near Halifax held by Liberals for two decades
'It's about making the province younger,' says Premier Tim Houston
Deadline to apply for federal disaster mitigation funding is next week.
Far from their patients or an emergency room, nurses highlighted what’s in need of urgent care.
Premier Tim Houston’s comments come one day after federal Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Dominic LeBlanc said he hoped the Atlantic Loop could come online by 2030. Ottawa has signaled a desire to have an agreement...
'We have to do a fulsome review have that discussion with Nova Scotians,' says Tim Houston


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