Saturday, June 22, 2024
Brazil stepped down as the N.L. Tory leader in December
Latest figures show Ontario PCs with $9M surplus, dwarfing NDP and Liberals amid early election buzz
Drug decriminalization is an “absolute nightmare” that will “never” happen under Ontario’s Progressive-Conservative government, Premier Doug Ford says.
Paddock successful in 2nd time on the ballot, earning nearly 80% of votes cast
Leadership race will only weaken NDP's standing in the race to build party war chest
Cost of living and healthcare are two of most concerning issues for northwest British Columbians, according to federal opposition leader Pierre Poilievre following a door-knocking campaign in Northwest B.C.
Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs continue to lead over Bonnie Crombie’s Ontario Liberals, by 13 percentage points.
PCs retain Pictou West in provincial byelection
Ontario's premier said some of what he’s seen and heard about the protests is 'unacceptable, adding, 'I can’t stand some of the nasty stuff I’ve been seeing out there'
If a provincial election were held today, 55% of committed Alberta adults would vote UCP while 40% would vote Alberta NDP.


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