Friday, June 14, 2024
Back-to-school! Shopping for school supplies. As pens and pencils get more expensive, Pierre Poilievre tallies up all the extra costs students are facing as the new year begins. Poilievre had a special back-to-school present for Justin Trudeau.
Pierre Poilievre was on the road on the weekend, speaking to fifteen hundred people at a rally outside Hamilton in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He says he’s going to support young people who choose to go into the...
Manning is the third candidate to enter the race
The Conservative Party of Canada is in the lead in the latest Nanos ballot tracking, with the Liberals in second place after a 5 per cent drop over the past four weeks.
In Alberta, UCP leadership candidates are getting ready to make another pitch to supporters at the Canada Strong and Free conference in Red Deer on Saturday. In Fort McMurray Wednesday, leadership candidates Brian Jean and Leela Aheer...
Observers say Poilievre is drawing in younger voters with canny communications and a simple message
With a resounding win in Quebec, Poilievre has something previous leaders have not, a united Party including Quebec
Many Island Conservatives are applauding Pierre Poilievre's federal leadership win.
During the race, Poilievre vowed not to reopen the abortion debate but to continue to allow his party's caucus to have free votes on matters of conscience. 


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