Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saskatchewan’s premier wants to make his voice heard in Ottawa.
The 2024 Saskatchewan budget is a mix of old news and new spending in almost every category of expense. It has lower deficit than last year, but also has increased spending on debt servicing.
Moe and his government maintain a clear advantage, after comfortably winning a majority government in 2020.
Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has revealed the province’s plans for increased funding to education – ahead of the provincial budget.
The Saskatchewan government says its natural gas utility is to stop collecting the carbon levy as of Monday from residential customers.
In Saskatchewan, Premier Scott Moe named a new education minister. The Premier and minister Jeremy Cockrill made it clear: children under the age of 16 need their parents' consent to change their name or their gender identity...
As Premier Scott Moe announced a number of changes to the provincial cabinet Tuesday, one of the biggest moves comes in the education sector.
“Trudeau’s net-zero targets are simply not achievable in Saskatchewan and we will not ask our residents to pay the extraordinary price for the federal government’s divisive policies,”
A little more than three months after announcing his intentions to seek the Sask. Party’s nomination in the Sask Rivers constituency, Eric Schmalz stood before a crowd of supporters Wednesday night and proclaimed “we did it.”
Premier Scott Moe took time to speak at the SUMA Convention and Tradeshow being held in Saskatoon on Monday to push specific points of the provincial budget.


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