Saturday, June 22, 2024
'The fact is that Manitoba produces a phenomenal amount of green energy through its hydroelectricity'
Federal Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre brought his “axe the tax” rallying cry to Winnipeg Thursday.
Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson announced new policies to give parents a bigger say in their children's education. The Manitoba Conservatives will enact changes in the Public Schools Act to ensure that parents are involved in addressing bullying...
Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are promising to phase out the province’s payroll tax over eight years if re-elected Oct. 3
Leader Heather Stefanson says they'll also balance the budget by 2025
The Manitoba government is promising up to $1 million to support a bid by the Winnipeg Sea Bears to host the Canadian Elite Basketball League championship in 2025.
The Manitoba government is hoping to tackle violent crime in downtown Winnipeg with the announcement of new safety measures, to the tune of $10 million over two years.
Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson announced Friday that work will “soon” begin on the twinning of the Trans-Canada Highway between Falcon Lake, Man. and the Manitoba-Ontario border, what she called “a major trade route.”
Manitoba's plan to expand private sales of liquor is on hold, and its private retail system for cannabis may come under review after an upcoming election.
Manitoba's governing Progressive Conservatives laid the groundwork Saturday for their upcoming election campaign. They also looked at potential changes to their leadership selection process that was widely criticized during the last race for the party helm.


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