Friday, June 14, 2024
The findings will fuel more suspicion that the RCMP didn’t take this seriously but the Mounties say they worked their badges off for years. They just didn’t talk about it.
One of many effects is to drive moderate progressives into the arms of Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives
Smith's larger concern is the electricity regulations coming from Ottawa. The feds demand that Alberta's grid be net-zero by 2035
“Holy s— we won!” That was the first joyous response from Premier Danielle Smith’s circle, after a momentous Supreme Court ruling came out Friday.
The polls don't show any evidence that further hostilities with Alberta will help Trudeau or hurt Poilievre
It's not exactly a resurrection but the United Conservative Party's revival comes close
Trudeau is setting Alberta up as the villain in election battles to come both in Alberta and nationally


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