Saturday, June 22, 2024
Greens and Liberals have yet to hold leadership contests after the last election
Spring sitting of P.E.I.'s legislature to begin Friday, May 12
Speech reinforced campaign commitments following significant election gains
Prince Edward Island will be seeing several new faces in cabinet, with five of Premier Dennis King’s newly elected MLAs taking posts, as well as a number of shuffles of existing members.
Island Liberals to form Official Opposition as Greens lose all but 2 seats
On Prince Edward Island, Premier Dennis King's Progressive Conservatives picked up one seat from the Liberals and six seats from the Greens on the way to winning a majority in the April 3rd provincial general election. King...
Global News said a Liberal Member of Parliament told a Chinese diplomat in Toronto to keep two innocent Canadians locked up, in solitary confinement, to help Justin Trudeau win the 2021 federal election. Following...
Premier Dennis King seems to be headed to a big election victory in Prince Edward Island, but he isn’t taking anything for granted. Islanders go the polls April 3rd.
Here’s what’s happening this week in Conservative Canada: Coverup: What did Justin Trudeau know about dirty election money from Communists in Beijing? Pierre Poilievre asks Trudeau 25 questions. Trudeau doesn’t answer any of them.
On Prince Edward Island, Premier Dennis King says Islanders will go to the polls this spring in a general election. The Premier told a large friendly crowd in Winsloe that the big issue this year is leadership.


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