Saturday, June 22, 2024
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is calling on the federal government to reverse bail policies included in Bill C-75 after another police officer was killed in Ontario earlier this week.
For a man who’s supposedly divisive and ripping apart the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre seems to be building a lot of bridges.
"The protocol allows for events to take place in a respectful way," said Rob Batherson
The winner will be announced at an event at Ottawa's Shaw Centre September 10th. Conservatives across Canada are mailing in their ballots to elect the new leader. Ballots must be received at headquarters...
Conservatives raised $4.4 million, while Liberals raised nearly $2.8 million and the NDP received almost $1.2 million in contributions.
While there were 261,984 total party members during the 2020 leadership race, the party says there are now nearly 300,000 people eligible to vote in Ontario alone. 
Long-time Progressive Conservative from Nova Scotia was recently picked to be the federal party's new president and he takes over during an interesting time for the party. 


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