Saturday, June 22, 2024

New Poilievre book offers glimpse of the future, rare insights into true nature of...

In addition to telling a personal and political story about an important man, Lawton’s book also provides an invaluable aid to anyone seeking to understand the modern...

Class and the Vote: The Conservatives are winning over everyone – Abacus Data

With a large lead overall, the Conservative Party has held the largest vote share by age, gender, region and income for some time now

Liberals, NDP pass investment tax hike, as Tories condemn ‘job-killing’ policy – National Post

'Trudeau is hiking taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage. He is raising taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage'

Former PC leader David Brazil running for Poilievre’s Conservatives – CBC News

Brazil stepped down as the N.L. Tory leader in December

Bell: Gondek hits new low, slams Smith, plays politics in water crisis – Calgary...

Gondek couldn't leave the politics alone — even in a city emergency


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