Trudeau Liberals backtrack on hunting rifle ban after Conservative push back


Pierre Poilievre and Manitoba Conservative MP Raquel Dancho said law-abiding gun owners won and the Trudeau Liberals lost.

“My conservative team and I have forced Justin Trudeau into a temporary but humiliating climb-down today,” said Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

“Trudeau desperately wanted to ban hunting rifles. Not only did he send a Liberal MP end to throw a sucker punch at our lawful and licensed firearms owners by banning their hunting rifles, Trudeau was asked specifically if that was his goal and he said yes.”

Dancho added: “So after two months of the Trudeau liberal government’s lies and deception, Conservatives have forced a temporary pause of Trudeau’s hunting rifle ban. This comes after we have seen the most underhanded amendment in the largest hunting rifle ban in Canadian history.”

Dancho warned that the Liberals will try to regroup and make another attempt to outlaw hunting rifles in Canada.

“This is a temporary pause. Hunters should be made aware that the Trudeau liberals will continue to come after their hunting rifles. This is not the end. Conservatives will continue to fight extremely hard to protect Canada’s deep cultural heritage and history when it comes to hunting rifles in this country.”