Time to fix Canada’s broken bail system, say Conservatives


In the House of Commons, Conservatives supported a motion to fix Canada’s broken bail system – a system that forces judges to release violent repeat offenders back on to Canadian streets.

Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay described the senseless killing of an RCMP officer in Burnaby, BC.

“Let us look at the tragic murder of Constable Shaelyn Yang. She was stabbed to death while on duty by a man previously arrested for assault,” said Findlay. “He was released on the condition that he would appear in court, something which he failed to do.”

Findlay talked about attacks on women and children, and random violence by repeat offenders.

Manitoba Conservative MP Raquel Dancho’s questions to the Liberal Public Safety minister produced only empty apologies. And the Liberal justice minister could not explain why the suspects in 24 murders in Toronto last year were out on bail when the crimes were committed.