Weekly update: Poilievre -Trudeau doorknob debate | Liberal MP leaves caucus | Ford’s build-it budget


Global News said a Liberal Member of Parliament told a Chinese diplomat in Toronto to keep two innocent Canadians locked up, in solitary confinement, to help Justin Trudeau win the 2021 federal election.

Following the report, Liberal MP Han Dong resigns from the Liberal caucus. He vows to defend his honour and to clear his name.

Conservative MPs ask the government 25 times, when it was that Justin Trudeau was briefed on his Liberal MP’s secret meeting in Toronto with the diplomat from Beijing.

25 times, the Liberals refused to answer.

In the House of Commons, Pierre Poilievre gets into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

In Ontario, Doug Ford’s government delivers dollars for health care and jobs, as the budget gets a boost from a growing economy.

Stephen Harper makes his first major speech in Ottawa since leaving office.

Premier Dennis King maintains a big lead on Prince Edward Island as Islanders get ready to vote in a general election.