Saturday, June 22, 2024
At Queen’s Park, the Legislature is back in session. The NDP wasted no time pitching Premier Doug Ford for higher pay for unionized nurses and hospital workers, they said, in order to keep emergency rooms open.
In Charlottetown, Premier Dennis King announced some badly-needed assistance for Islanders coping with the soaring cost of living: a one-time increase to the PEI Sales Tax Credit in January 2023. Individuals with income...
Poilievre spoke to the Empire Club in Toronto. He told the packed business luncheon that he will reform the tax system to protect some Canadians from clawbacks that tax away up to eighty per cent of every...
In Ottawa, Parliament approves Pierre Poilievre’s motion calling on the auditor general to investigate the 54 million dollar ArriveCan scandal. The NDP and the Bloc join the Conservatives and outvote the Liberals.
Smith and Scott Moe put Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh on notice: Alberta and Saskatchewan will stand up for their rights under the constitution
It’s long past time for the Trudeau government to come forward with a robust plan to counter Beijing’s foreign interference operations here on Canadian soil
It's often hard to pinpoint what exactly the NDP leader stands for. But it's clear what he abhors most: responsibility
In Ottawa, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre announced his new shadow cabinet. It is a mixture of old and new faces and one big surprise. Some of the most senior critics were...
Danielle Smith is sworn in as Alberta's new Premier. Smith is expected to name a new cabinet October 21st, just in time for the UCP’s annual convention in Edmonton. Smith was elected leader of...
Key Finance critic role goes to Alberta MP Jasraj Singh Hallan


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