Although Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre almost scooped me in his recent Vancouver Board of Trade speech when he provided his audience some insight into how he views Corporate Lobbyists, I’m hoping that this week’s column will help Star readers better appreciate the politician who is the odds-on favourite to win the next election. Don’t get me wrong; a preference for spending time with farmers or welders, rather than bank CEOs, doesn’t imply a lack of interest in fixing what ails Canada. I understand that if Mr. Poilievre wants to learn more about a topic, he might spend two hours on the telephone with a renowned academic or industry expert in an effort to deeply understand a subject matter that he’s been wrestling with.

This is a good omen. Details matter!

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If you’re waiting for Pierre Poilievre to start acting like a “Prime Minister in-waiting,” you’ve not been paying attention.  While Poilievre is more John Diefenbaker than Stephen Harper, this is not your Father’s Progressive Conservative Party.

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