Poilievre condemns terrorist attacks on Israel by Hamas


Other Conservatives join the leader in condemning the senseless and brutal slaughter of innocent civilians, women and children.

On Sunday, Pierre Poilievre called out out the senseless attacks on Israel by the Iranian-backed terrorist organization known as Hamas.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Poilievre wrote “There is no place for the glorification of terror in Canada (or anywhere else). Hamas’ murder and rape of innocent Israeli civilians is despicable.”

Poilievre went on to say “Conservatives condemn the displays of hatred and justifications of cruelty that have followed the terrorist attacks against Israel.”

Other Tory MPs joined in calling out the attacks.

MP Michael Chong wrote “Conservatives unequivocally condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas. We fully support Israel’s right to defend itself. We also unequivocally condemn the deliberate killing and hostage-taking of civilians by Hamas. Conservatives stand with Israel at this difficult time.”

Deputy Conservative Leader, MP Melissa Lantsman also called out the attacks, and the response from the Trudeau Liberal government.

Lantsman wrote “Outrageous comment from a Canadian MP unwilling to condemn the brutal indiscriminate attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians. He deleted this. Replaced it with nothing because he can’t bring himself to denounce terrorism. #cdnpoli” in reference to a post made by Liberal MP and former cabinet minister Omar Alghabra.

Alghabra simply wrote “I’m following with deep anxiety what’s happening in the Middle East”. That post to X has since been deleted, and has not been replaced.