Poilievre tells Justin: butt out of New Brunswick education


In New Brunswick, Pierre Poilievre tells Justin Trudeau to butt out of the province’s decision to keep parents informed when their children change their names at or change their gender pronouns at school.

A survey by Leger Research shows 69 per cent voters in Atlantic Canada agree with New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs that when a student wants to change their gender or have new gender pronouns, schools should have to let the child’s parents know to ensure they are aware of what’s happening.

That didn’t stop Justin Trudeau from attacking Premier Higgs at a Toronto Pride event.

New Brunswick’s premier went on the CBC to explain his decision to keep parents informed about their children’s choices at school. The CBC’s Rosemary Barton pressed the Premier, but he held his ground. And the Premier also sent a message to Justin Trudeau.