30 questions for Justin Trudeau about dirty election money from Beijing – zero answers


Justin Trudeau had no answers after another report of illegal election campaign money from the Communist regime in Beijing, this time from Sam Cooper of Global News.

Global News reported that Beijing’s consulate in Toronto moved 250 thousand dollars in illegal election campaign money to a network of candidates to help re-elect the Trudeau Liberals in 2019.

The allegation was contained in a top secret intelligence report prepared for Trudeau over a year ago

The Prime Minister spent the first part of the week dodging questions.

When he finally showed up for question period, Trudeau refused to give a straight  answer to any of the 25 questions from Pierre Poilievre – or five from an independent MP and the NDP.

Justin Trudeau did not even show up in Parliament until Pierre Poilievre called him out the previous day.

The Liberal House Leader had no explanation to offer for Trudeau skipping work.

When Justin Trudeau finally did show up, the non-answers just kept coming.

After another half hour or so of non–answers, Pierre Poilievre explained to Justin Trudeau what’s really going on.

But we’ve all seen this act from the Prime Minister before, and Pierre Poilievre was not buying it. 

Canadians are still waiting for answers about illegal election money from Beijing.