Blockbuster Globe & Mail report: Beijing interfered in elections to help Trudeau Liberals


Robert Fife and Steven Chase rocked Ottawa with a front page story – secret intelligence documents painting a picture of an organized plot by the Chinese Communist government to interfere in Canada’s last federal election, support the Trudeau Liberals, and defeat the Conservatives.

Among the allegations, that Beijing’s intelligence services organized front groups to funnel illegal cash to Liberal candidates and pay for foreign university students to illegally work on Liberal campaigns.

Conservative MPs joined with other opposition parties to launch an investigation into the election meddling. Pierre Poilievre says Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about the illegal activity, because the Beijing Communists were helping the Liberals.

The Globe and Mail’s Steven Chase asked Justin Trudeau why the Beijing government agents who interfered our election have not been expelled from Canada.

Justin Trudeau did not answer the question.

Former British Columbia Conservative MP Kenny Chiu was defeated after an orchestrated campaign by the Chinese Communists in the 2021 election. He disagrees with Justin Trudeau. He spoke with Vassey Kapelos on CTV Power Play.