Candice Bergen steps down: MP served as House Leader, Deputy Leader, interim Leader


Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Bergen resigned her seat in Parliament after 14 years in the Commons.

Bergen served as a minister in Stephen Harper’s government, going on to serve as Conservative House leader, deputy party leader, and finally as Leader of the Official Opposition and interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada after Erin O’Toole stepped down as leader in 2021.

When Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, Candice Bergen spoke for Conservatives in the House of Commons: “The federal government has stepped up in the last few days but there is more that can be done, as they say, in Ukraine. Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” “But let’s do more than just say those words let’s take action now and in the days and the months to come, to do the right thing for Ukraine, for Canadians, and indeed for the world.”