VIDEO: Weekly Update for Nov 13th – Danielle Smith wins byelection, Poilievre’s ArriveCan motion passes


In Ottawa, Parliament approves Pierre Poilievre’s motion calling on the auditor general to investigate the 54 million dollar ArriveCan scandal. The NDP and the Bloc join the Conservatives and outvote the Liberals.

Conservative MP Raquel Dancho digs deeper into Liberal interference with the RCMP Nova Scotia mass shooting investigation.

In Toronto, Pierre Poilievre tells a sold-out business audience he will get energy projects moving again and bring tax relief to working Canadians

In Regina and Edmonton, Scott Moe and Danielle Smith tell Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh to butt out of the province’s business. Danielle Smith campaigns hard in the by-election in Brooks – Medicine Hat.

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson takes action to crack down on crime. And in PEI, Premier Dennis King announces some help with the cost of living.